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"Sarah Jayne Europes Leading Dolly Parton Tribute as said by Kenny Rogers"

Sarah Jayne is a professional entertainer, producer and director and has been in the music industry for almost 3 decades.

As a child her love for music, dancing and entertaining was clear, performing with musicians in her home county of Kent and producing production shows at school was just the beginning.

In the first few professional years of her career, Sarah traveled to Jersey in the Great Legends Show at the age of 17 and at 19 she performed in a production show in Hong Kong at The Sheraton Hotel in Kowloon.

She continued traveling worldwide from Norway to India, Sweden to Cyprus performing in Theatres, Cruising and working regularly for many of the best venues and resorts in the U.K and Europe.

Many years and thousands of performances later... Sarah Jayne is now Europe’s Leading Tribute to The Queen Of Country, Dolly Parton.

Sarah has performed 9 to 5 more than 3250 times in her career so far!


She is proud to be the ONLY Dolly Parton Tribute act to be booked in Europe at London’s 02 arena on Dolly’s Blue Smoke tour in 2014 and in 2011 on Dolly Parton’s Better Day tour meeting and greeting guests.

Meeting Dolly, herself, who welcomed Sarah and her family was a time in her life she will never forget.

Kenny Rogers, himself, also acclaimed that Sarah Jayne and her show with Andy Crust as Kenny Rogers is Europe’s Leading Tribute.


Sarah is an amazing vocal Impersonator and has a vast vocal ability to sound like many other female artists.

These days country music is her life, her passion and her choice.

Sarah Jayne is grounded, dedicated and a hard-working performer.

Sarah Jayne is now mum to Lucy Jayne and has her home and the family she always wished for in Ashford, Kent with her husband and business partner Andy. With years in the business still to come, join Sarah on her journey with The Country Superstars Show! 

Sarah Jayne


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